K2H Civic Futures

The K2H Civic Futures AmeriCorps Program works with K-12 and higher education partners to provide high-quality civic learning and engagement opportunities to all students, from kindergarten through graduate school. Through a series of regional focus groups, community members expressed their frustration with the lack of engagement opportunities for youth, particularly for youth in highly impacted schools and in under-served groups. They also expressed dismay in the lack of coordination between K-12 and higher education systems in terms of clear pathways and outreach.

To address those community concerns, the K2H Civic Futures AmeriCorps Program includes two primary components. First, full-time Members, Civic Liaisons, are hosted at both K-12 and college/university locations to create sustainable partnerships in support of student engagement. Second, full- and part-time Members work directly in K-12 classrooms as Civic Coaches, implementing evidence-based civic and community engagement curricula.

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