Benefits and Impact

Creating Community

For over two decades, Campus Compact of the Mountain West has brought together college and university presidents, faculty, staff, students, and community members in the shared passion for community-based teaching and learning. The Compact helps members to:

  • Share best practices across campuses
  • Provide faculty and staff development opportunities
  • Highlight promising program models
  • Bring resources to emerging and developing service learning and civic engagement programs and centers

As proof of the value CCMW membership provides, membership has rapidly grown from four founding members to 20 current college and university members.

CCMW designs programs and services to meet the changing needs of our member campuses.  Click here to learn more about CCMW programming in 2019-2020.

Statement of Purpose

Campus Compact of the Mountain West is dedicated to strengthening the region’s civic health through higher education engagement for the public good. We believe that communities’ civic health depends upon equitable and inclusive access to and success in higher education (Equity & Inclusion). We believe that civic health is fostered through campus and community partnerships that start with the community (Reciprocal Partnerships & Local Knowledge). We believe that civic health, at its core, is about how we live in community with one another (Community).

Core Principles

Equity & Inclusion – creating access for all individuals to opportunities that foster social and economic health and well-being
Reciprocal Partnerships – working collaboratively toward shared goals and outcomes
Local Knowledge – honoring, developing,and sharing local/regional expertise and knowledge, both within communities and within the academy
Community – recognizing the people with whom and the places where we work, live, serve, play, and love; celebrating the interdependence between ourselves and others


• Colleges and universities play a critical role as anchor institutions, significantly
influencing and impacting their communities’ civic-health.
• Colleges and universities have a fundamental mission to serve the public good.
• Civic health and renewal are necessary to disrupt growing public disengagement and divisiveness.
• Civic health can ameliorate rising disparities in equitable and inclusive access to and success in higher education.

Building the Movement

Campus Compact of the Mountain West is the only organization in the region focused on building and supporting higher education service learning and civic engagement initiatives. CCMW works with campuses individually to align campus and community priorities with ongoing and potential programs, services, consulting, and resources.

While services may look very different from campus to campus, they all share the mission of building campus and community partnerships and addressing community priorities through service learning, civic engagement, and community-based learning initiatives.